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Contract Disputes In Madison

If you find yourself in a legal battle over a contract you signed, our attorneys at Davey & Goldman Law Firm in Madison can guide you through the legal process and help you obtain the justice you seek. With over 60 years of combined experience representing clients just like you our attorneys can help if you are dealing with a contract dispute.

Contract issues can come up in a wide variety of situations. Perhaps, you have an employment contract and your employer wants to fire you before the contract expires. Or, maybe you have a contract for construction services but the contractor is failing in their duties. Or, maybe you have a health insurance contract and you believe the insurance company is not paying what it is supposed to under your plan. Our civil litigation attorneys at Davey & Goldman Law Firm have decades of experience litigating these exact issues.

Contracts are a daily part of doing business that define the terms of an agreement. Sometimes disagreements arise. Our attorneys help individuals, businesses, and corporate entities with their contract disputes. Whether your company needs to enforce the terms of an agreement, would like to end an agreement, or is facing litigation with respect to an agreement, our experienced attorneys can guide you through the process, litigate if necessary, and help you take the necessary steps to resolve the conflict.

Our Experience At Work For You

For example, our attorneys have effectively negotiated the termination of employment contracts, renewal of employment contracts, payment disputes over cable laying contracts, easement disputes, building contract disputes, insurance benefit disputes, and many other types of contractual disputes. We have sued builders who do not produce what they promised to produce, litigated health insurance coverage claims and life insurance claims, and renegotiated mortgage loan contracts. No matter what type of contract dispute you are facing, our attorneys can guide you through it.

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