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Filing For Injunctions And Restraining Orders In Wisconsin

The law in Wisconsin protects people from harassment. Legislatures have created a process to petition the courts to ask for protection by filing for an injunction. Often used in domestic violence situations, anyone can petition the courts to ask for protection. Whether you are asking the court for protection from someone else or seeking to defeat another person’s demand for an injunction against you, the lawyers at Davey & Goldman Law Firm in Madison can competently assist you.

Injunctions, Restraining Orders And Protective Orders

An injunction is an order issued by a court, commonly known as a restraining order, to prevent another person, known as the respondent, from having any contact, direct or indirect, with the petitioner, or any contact with any place commonly occupied by the petitioner such as their home or work. A harassment injunction restrains the respondent from engaging in acts of harassment and can restrict contact. Both orders can also result in a loss of your right to possess a firearm. Once an injunction has been ordered, a violation of either type of injunction can result in criminal charges.

Representation In An Injunction Hearing

Choosing an attorney who has experience and skill in successfully representing clients in injunction hearings can be one of the most important decisions you make. Our firm has attorneys who are skilled at both obtaining an injunction on behalf of our clients who are seeking a restraining order and defeating a request for an injunction against our clients who are the unfortunate respondent in an injunction matter.

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