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Wisconsin Election Law Attorneys

Our founding partners have 60 years of combined experience in civil litigation and criminal defense. They founded Davey & Goldman Law Firm in Madison to protect the rights of clients throughout Wisconsin. Our attorneys have extensive experience with election-related cases.

Our Lawyers Protect Your Voting Rights And Your Candidacy Right To A Fair Election

Attorney Lisa Goldman has represented clients in the following election-related legal matters:

  • She has assisted with election recounts
  • She has appeared before the predecessor of the Government Accountability Board regarding an election advertising complaint against a statewide candidate
  • She successfully overturned an election result through an effective recount strategy
  • She has spoken before the legislature regarding state campaign contribution laws
  • She advocated successfully to extend polling hours when a polling station was closed temporarily during an election

Previously, attorney Goldman was also appointed to serve on the Rules Committee at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver. For the past several statewide fall elections, she has been one of several lawyers called upon to act as a leader in the Democratic Party war room for voter protection efforts to ensure that all voters who wanted to vote, were eligible to vote, and tried to vote, were able to do so. Lastly, attorney Goldman has represented several clients appearing before a secret John Doe investigation into illegal campaigning on state time with state resources.

Additionally, attorney Bruce Davey represented Ross Perot in campaign-related litigation issues and has appeared before the predecessor of the Government Accountability Board regarding an election complaint.

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